Monday, September 10, 2007

6- Rss feeds, Podcasts, and more, Oh My!

Our library is also offering Rss feeds of news sites we think are patrons are interested in, but not overtly of new content. I can see doing podcasts or videocasts of our storytime, which is extremely popular. I see the point about the Denver Public Library having great Web 2.0 resources, but it not being obvious from their homepage- but if you know you're looking for podcasts, it doesn't seem that diffricult to decide it's under downloads. On the other hand, if you don't know there are podcasts, it wouldn't be obvious from the homepage. Of course, you could say this about library cards also; if you are only vaguely aware of them, it might be hard to find that information from looking at many library's homepages. One way to make podcasts and the like more easily available, would be to not only offer them under a "download" or "e-resources" tab, but also tied to "kids' area" if they are of storytime, etc.

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